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Moral Issues


This page sets out the work of the Public Morals Committee of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. This is a committee that has been given the task of monitoring the moral trends in the life of our nations, and bringing a Biblical and reformed witness on our national life. Listed below are some of the pamphlets that this committee has published.

The Christian and Gambling
The National Lottery
The Christian and the Environment
Work, Employment and Unemployment
The Challenge of Old Age
A Christian Use of Television


The following are a series of articles commissioned by the Committee for Public Morals and written by members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.  These articles originally appeared in the magazine of the RP Church, The Covenanter Witness from January to November 2008.  The views expressed are those of the individual authors.

Artificial Reproduction
Statism and Christianity
Human Cloning


If you would like to communicate with this committee you can send us a message.