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What is a True Protestant?


For most people in this part of the world that’s an easy question to answer. The answers given, however, may differ widely.

For some people - the name Protestant is one which they use with pride; it identifies them with the community to which they belong.

For others - ifs a term of abuse.

For some - it means they belong to a Unionist political party.

For some - it simply means they support Rangers and Linfield.


The name is very old. It was used first about 400 years ago. It wasn’t first used in Ulster!


Believes all that is in the Bible

Lots of people claim to believe the Bible, but they conveniently ignore some parts and misinterpret others. A Protestant agrees with what the Bible says about itself - All Scripture is God breathed Since the Bible is God’s Word, then we must listen to all that He says and believe what He has revealed.

Owes everything to God

Some people like to think of themselves as 'self-made men'. They approach life with the attitude - 'I can look after myself'. Increasingly in our day many people are very quick to insist on their 'rights'True Protestants know that they owe everything to God. Apart from His goodness they know they would have nothing. This is true in every area of life. It is absolutely true in regard to Eternal Life. The Bible says - 'It is by grace that you have been saved, through faith - and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works so that no-one can boast.'

Trusts only in Christ

Many people think that as long as they live a fairly decent life and don’t do anyone any harm they will get to heaven. True Protestants know that this is not so. They know that calling yourself a Protestant won’t get you to Heaven. The only way to Heaven is through trusting in Jesus Christ, Gods Son. What we could never do, He has done by His life and death and resurrection. Jesus said - 'l am the way. the truth and the life. No one come to the Father except through Me'.These are the things that really matter to a true Protestant And these are the things which will matter on the day when Christ returns.This leaflet is published by a Christian church. We don’t all support Rangers and Linfield; we may not all be Unionists; none of us are Orangemen but we are members of a truly Protestant Church.